3 Hidden Signs of Water Damage You Should Never Ignore

Plumbing problems, roof leaks and basement floods are all things that can cause problems long after the initial damage is cleaned up. You may be able to mop up most of the water, but that doesn’t mean you’re protected from underlying water damage. You might think you’re in the clear if you don’t notice any soggy surfaces or nasty water stains, but you’re wrong. Water damage isn’t always obvious, and there are a few subtle signs of water damage to watch out for.

When you’ve experienced any type of flooding in your home, you’re susceptible to mold and rot that could lead to health problems as well as structural issues. To ensure the safety of your home and family, always watch out for these signs of water damage, and seek professional water damage repair immediately if you suspect a problem.

Hidden Signs of Water Damage

Stains are just one of the many signs of water damage. There are also several less obvious signs.

Stains are just one of the many signs of water damage. There are also several less obvious signs.

  1. Unusual Noticing a strange smell in your home, especially in your basement? Standing water or mold may be to blame. Never write off an unusual smell as something like a forgotten bag of garbage or other insignificant problem, especially if the odor is persistent.

    If you’re noticing a strange smell in your home, and you’re experiencing breathing difficulties, sneezing, itchy eyes or a runny nose, you may have a mold or mildew problem that requires immediate attention.

  2. Ill-fitting and Squeaky Floors. Wood buckles when exposed to excess moisture. It may also expand and shift. This may result in floorboards that don’t fit together like they used to or squeaking that wasn’t there before.

    If you have tiles floors, water damage could cause loose tiles. If you have any that seem to be coming up around the edges, carefully pull one up and look for obvious signs of moisture underneath.

  3. Higher Water Bills. An undetected water leak is a common cause of higher-than-usual water bills. Even a small drip behind your washing machine or underneath your sink could be raising your bill and causing hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in water damage.

    Paying close attention to your monthly water consumption is a good way to ensure that you’ll be on top of it right away should a leak occur.

Southwest Chicago Water Damage Repair

Whether you’re seeing obvious signs of water damage, like stains, damp surfaces or visible mold, or you’ve noticed more subtle signs, we can help. At The Grout Medic, we are proud to offer professional southwest Chicago water damage repair. Request an appointment or call 630-665-4768 today!

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