Why Does Grout Need to Be Sealed?

Grout fills the seams between tiles on floors, countertops, backsplashes and in showers. When it’s doing its job, it holds your tile in place and protects your surfaces from moisture damage. However, the most common type of grout contains sand, which is a porous material. When grout containing sand is applied and dry, it will readily absorb water and moisture. That, in short, is why grout needs to be sealed.

Why Grout Needs to Be SealedGrout Sealing

Unless you are using an epoxy-based grout, grout always needs to be sealed. Without a sealant, your grout will absorb water and become the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. In addition to protecting your tiled surfaces from damage, sealing your grout has a few other benefits:

  • Sealed grout is more resistant to stains. This means that your surfaces will look better for a longer period of time, and you won’t need to be so worried about spills.
  • Grout that’s been properly sealed is easier to clean than unsealed grout.
  • Grout and tile sealing is cost effective and delays the need for costly repairs or tile replacement. Investing in having your grout sealed now will undoubtedly save money later.

Is Grout Sealing Difficult?

Grout sealing isn’t a difficult project, but it’s a tedious one. The smaller your tile is, the more grout you’ll have and need to seal. The sealant can be applied using a brush, a roller or by being sprayed on the surface. Using a brush or roller is the more tedious option, but using a sprayer means you’ll spend more time cleaning the surface of your tiles later. Spray-on sealant is also more expensive.

At The Grout Medic, we recommend having your tiled surfaces professionally sealed. Trying to apply sealant on your own without getting it on your tile is difficult, and it often turns into a messy job. Our technicians are experts, and they can get the job done quickly and easily. To learn more about the benefits of grout sealing or to request an appointment for grout sealing in Chicago, please call 630-665-4768.

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